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Kinomap – Grono – Santa Maria, Calanca valley

Absolutely love it. The great climbing and your extra added touch of side and rear views. I have done this ride 3 times by others and have never really seen it like this. Today was a very special day for screenshots. 😎😎
Distance Mi5.242
Distance Km8.436
Ascended Ft2103
Ascended M641
Average Watts219.20
Activity Time00:41:48
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Kinomap – Tenero-Brione-Mergoscia

Super video and climb in Switzerland. The route was great for intervals with the changes in slopes. The last time I did this ride was about 9 months ago and just as fun as the first time.
Distance Mi9.449
Distance Km15.207
Ascended Ft2070
Ascended M631
Average Watts225.20
Activity Time00:45:52
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Kinomap – 😎 Across Switzerland (E-W)- Part (14/32): From Tiefenbach To Furkapass

I used this cycling climb for my morning hike on my treadmill. It really works great and it was another gorgeous morning and video.

Distance Mi 3.272
Distance Km 5.266
Ascended Ft 1129
Ascended M Β 344
Average Watts 147.50
Activity Time 00:33:44
Author zulumatata
Country Switzerland
Stars 5
Activity Β 
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Kinomap – πŸ”ΊCol De Grimsel (North Side)

What a great adventure this ride is. Broke up in two climbs with the first ending at Lake Raterichsbodensee and the second ending at Lake Totensee. It was my second time for this one and looking forward to the next time.
Distance Mi7.442
Distance Km11.977
Ascended Ft2493
Ascended M760
Average Watts137.30
Activity Time01:21:59
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