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Kinomap – 🚴‍♀️ Day-Tour vol. 1 ( all 4 parts)

Quote from creator zulumatata  "This nice day tour takes you from the neighborhood of Fribourg to the nice and famous castle of Gruyere (where the famous cheese comes from), continuous to Charmey (small touristic village) before it climbs up to the col de Hauta Chia (1430m). A nice and rapid downhill section follows at last. The following parts are available:
- Day Tour vol. 1: Hauta Chia (part 1/4) - Gruyère castle
- Day Tour vol. 1: Hauta Chia (part 2/4) - Charmey
- Day Tour vol. 1: Hauta Chia (part 3/4) - col de Hauta Chia (uphill)
- Day Tour vol. 1: Hauta Chia (part 4/4) - col de Hauta Chia (downhill)
Enjoy riding and keep smiling on uphill's."

Distance Mi 44.975
Distance Km 72.38
Ascended Ft 4491
Ascended M 1369
Average Watts 112
Activity Time 3:29:26
Author zulumatata
Country Switzerland
Stars 5
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Kinomap – 102 Engadina Valley

Very easy recovery ride today thru Switzerland. Great video by author @RobiRini66, your work is greatly appreciated especially one new ones in Switzerland.

Very nice route and second time I have done it.


Distance Mi 28.42
Distance Km 45.75
Ascended Ft 1052
Ascended M 289
Average Watts 77.7
Activity Time 01:48:38
Author RobiRini66
Country Switzerland
Stars 5
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