Category 1000-2000 M

Kinomap – Tenero-Locarno-Cardada

Nice ride in Switzerland which started out with some views of Lago Maggiore for about 2 mile then the climbing started. No more views of valley or mountain because of the trees on that side. At lease it was cool with all the tree cover.
Distance Mi 11.062
Distance Km 17.803
Ascended Ft 3366
Ascended M 1026
Average Watts 223.40
Activity Time 01:09:46
Author SilvanoTurati
Country Switzerland
Stars 5
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Kinomap – Osteno-Sighignola

With the wind blowing outside today it was a perfect day to go back and do a ride I do some time ago. The tree lined route kept my temperature down at least in my mind and all the greenery help the miles tick away. Superb video in all aspects.

Distance Mi 11.689
Distance Km 18.812
Ascended Ft 3465
Ascended M 1056
Average Watts 245.80
Activity Time 01:04:51
Author SilvanoTurati
Country Italy
Stars 5
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Kinomap – 🚴🏻‍♂️ Stage 8 Tour de France 2021 😍⛰ Col de la Colombiere, 1613 m (🇫🇷)-

Superb video and adventure. So enjoyable doing something that you haven't done before. Perfect time of year with all the greenery and snow capped mountains.

Distance Mi 12.143
Distance Km 30.583
Ascended Ft 4409
Ascended M 1344
Average Watts 145.30
Activity Time 01:03:41
Author gonvil
Country France
Stars 5
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Kinomap – 🦋🔺 The Swiss Butterfly Loop (stage I/M) – col de Susten (uphill)

This is a for the climbers out there. I didn't warmup enough and started right away with an 11%. It didn't feel like I had all my power today what little there is of it anyway so it was a tough day.

Distance Mi 11.756
Distance Km 18.919
Ascended Ft 4659
Ascended M 1420
Average Watts 143.90
Activity Time 02:09:52
Author zulumatata
Country Switzerland
Stars 5
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